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20 Mar 2018

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Weekly ARES/RACES Net Script

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King County ARES/RACES Net
Revised 30 April 16

Send updates to Kirk Bellar, N7UK using the message service.


King County ARES/RACES Net

Revised 30 Apr 2016. Send updates to


All stations, this is [your call], my name is [your name]. I will be Net Control for the King County ARES/RACES Net.


This net meets every Sunday night at 2000 hours local time on the SeaTac Repeater Association repeater, 147.08 megahertz with a PL tone of 103.5 hertz. In case of repeater failure well move to the 147.00 machine, with a minus offset and a PL tone of 103.5 hertz.


The purpose of this net is to provide timely information for all of the emergency communications teams within King and the adjacent counties in the Puget Sound area. This information may consist of meeting, training or public service locations and dates.


This is a directed net. Please use your full call sign for recognition by Net Control. Please notify Net Control if you need to be excused prior to conclusion of the net. Visiting stations will be invited to check in after the teams. Stations with emergency or priority traffic may break in at any time.


Are there any mobiles or stations on emergency power?


c W9 HXM Dick, Redmond

c KD7 QKK Joel, Seattle

c KE7 YJV Paul, Kirkland


c _______________________________

c _______________________________

c _______________________________

Now calling for ARRL Officials for western Washington:


Section Emergency Coordinator: c Frank Wolfe NM7R

Public Information Coordinator: c Bruce Miller KC7IAY

ARES District Emergency Coordinator for District 6: c Kirk Bellar N7UK


Now calling for King County Official Emergency Stations. Let me know if you able to monitor the State Emergency Net Frequency of 3.985 megahertz.


c Dee Williamson KE7 CFM North Bend

c Thomas Warren KD7 CSO - Renton

c Dewayne Sennett KE7 DXW Redmond

c Alex Vdolek - WA7 EDZ Redmond

c Jon Bromberg - W1 JDB - Sammamish

c William North - KG7 LS - Seattle

c Sean Kronberg NK7 N - Issaquah

c Dick Radford - WA7 NIW Kirkland

c Richard Burrows AA7 PR - Kent

c Rick Hodges - KB7 TBF - Seattle

c Tom Needham - WA7 TBP Carnation


[Insert any announcements here]


This is [your call], Net Control for the King County ARES/RACES Net, now calling for emergency communications team members within King County.



I will start with the following teams, Alpha thru India. Those teams are: American Red Cross, Auburn, Bellevue, Boeing, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Costco, Eastside Fire & Rescue, Federal Way, and Issaquah.


c AJ4 AD Gabe, Costco

c KE7 ARH Don, Bellevue

c KC7 AUW Jerry, Fed Way

c WA7 BCC John, Bellevue

c KF7 BIG Mike, Issaquah

c NS7 C Scott, Auburn EC

c KG7 DWE Henri, Bellevue

c WTؠ F Gerard, Issaquah

c K7 GLM Greg, EFR

c W7 INK Dick, Auburn

c KG7 JBV Rick, Fed Way

c W1 JDB Jon, EFR

c N7 KLN Ken, CG Aux.

c KF7 MBM Mike, Fed Way

c KE7 MPM Craig, Fed Way

c WU7 N Jim, Bellevue

c KD7 QKK Joel, Boeing

c WA7 TBP Tom, EFR

c N7 UK Kirk, Boeing

c KE7 UUU Bob, Fed Way

c N9 VW Steve, EFR

c KE7 ZMJ Tom, Fed Way

c ______________________

c ______________________


Now calling for the following teams, Kilo thru Papa. Those teams are: Kent, King Co. ECC, Kirkland, LDS, Maple Valley, Medical Services Team, Medina, Mercer Island, Normandy Park, Port of Seattle, and Puget Sound Energy.


c K7 CNS Doug, Medina

c KF7 DTI Mike, MST

c KE7 EEL Jason, ECC

c N7 HOV Russ, Port of Sea.

c NL7 FQ Tom, Med. Svcs.

c W8 INX Mark, Medina

c KE7 JL Bob, Kirkland

c KR7 JWL Jerry, Maple Valley

c WA7 KPK Crede, LDS

c KE7 KXU Naraen (nah-rain), Kirkland

c KG7 MX Michael, Mercer I.

c NK7 N Sean, Maple Valley

c N6 NBN Bill, Kirkland

c KE7 NKN Amy, Kirkland

c K7 OTV David, Kent EC

c K7 RFH Rich, Kent EC

c KF7 SMW Jen, Kirkland

c KB7 TBF Rick, Port of Sea.

c W7 VXS Don, Mercer I.

c KE7 YJV Paul, Kirkland

c ______________________

c ______________________



Now calling for the following teams, Romeo thru Zulu. Those teams are: Redmond, Renton, Salvation Army, Sammamish, SeaTac, Seattle, Shoreline, Snoqualmie, Snoqualmie Valley, Tukwila, Woodinville, and Vashon-Maury Island.


c KF7 AAT Joe, Tukwila

c N9 APP Randy, Redmond

c W7 BLR Bruce, Shoreline

c K7 BOM David, Seattle

c KE7 CFM Dee, Snoqualmie - N. Bend

c KG7 CM John, Vashon I.

c K7 DU Greg, Woodinville EC

c K7 GLM Greg, Sammamish EC

c W1 JDB Jon, Sammamish

c K7 JGM Jim, SeaTac

c N7 KGA Ralph, Salvation Army

c K7 KKR Chadd, Renton

c KD7 KUS Alan, Redmond

c K7 LFP Lee, Shoreline

c K7 MHJ Bob, Snoqualmie

c AF7 MG AJ, Renton

c K7 MHL Mike, Redmond

c K7 OTV David, Renton

c KE7 QKK Joel, Seattle EC

c KC7 TDG Don, Renton EC

c W7 TFD Matt, Tukwila

c N7 UK Kirk, Shoreline

c KB7 UUE Brion, Shoreline

c N9 VW Steve, Sammamish

c KD7 WES Kevin, Redmond EC

c N7 WSU Mark, Tukwila

c KE7 YJV Paul, Seattle & Sno. Valley

c KE7 ZMJ Tom, SeaTac

c ______________________

c ______________________


This is [your call], Net Control for the King County ARES/RACES Net, now calling for any emergency communications teams outside of King County. As you check in, please give us your call sign, name, agency represented and whether you have any traffic for the net.


c W7RMH Rick, Sammamish

c KE7YJV Paul, Bothell PHC - LDS

c KG7FOR Michelle, Thurston

c ______________________


Are there any missed or late check-ins?


c ______________________

c ______________________

c ______________________

c ______________________


Do we have any visitor stations wishing to check in at this time? Please give your call sign, name and location.


Stations with call suffixes Alpha thru Mike:


c K7JSG Scott, Woodinville

c ______________________

c ______________________

c ______________________

c ______________________

c ______________________

c ______________________

c ______________________


Stations with call suffixes Alpha thru Zulu:


c KF7VWA John, Shelton

c AE7VG Marlene, Shelton

c ______________________

c ______________________

c ______________________

c ______________________

c ______________________

c ______________________


Do we have any stations wishing after net contacts?


c _______________________________

c _______________________________

c _______________________________

c _______________________________



Do we have anyone, anywhere with anything for the net?


c _______________________________

c _______________________________

c _______________________________

c _______________________________


Please remember that if you have access to the Internet, you will find a listing of all team leaders, timely information, news items, and links to Amateur Radio websites. The address is


Hearing no further business, I am securing the Net at [current local time]. On behalf of the leadership and members of the King County ARES/RACES, I would like to thank Gary W7WWI and Mike W7DME for the use of the SeaTac Repeater Association repeater, and the repeater users for giving us a clear frequency. This is [your call] clear.