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20 Feb 2018

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Checklist of Items To
Have In Your Vehicle

PDF Version

  1. King Co. Frequency List
  2. Leadership List
  3. South Puget Sound ARES/RACES Communications Plan
  4. King County ARES/RACES Communications Plan
  5. Your Team Name and Address List
  6. Your Jurisdiction's Training / Operations Manual
  7. ARRL Repeater Book
  8. ARRL Orange Book
  9. State Message Forms
  10. Your Jurisdiction's Message Forms
  11. Blank Note Pads
  12. Mobile Transceivers:
    • 144 MHz Preferably removable with cigarette lighter
    • 222 MHz Power cables and Mag Mount Antennas,
    • 440 MHz Headphones, and Operations Manuals
    • HF
  13. Hand Held Transceivers:
    • 144 MHz With extendible antennas and extra batteries
    • 222 MHz and AA type battery packs, Speaker Mikes,
    • 440 MHz Headphones, and Operations Manuals
  14. GPS with battery pack
  15. Scanners, trunking and non trunking types
  16. Local Maps and Thomas Brothers Tri-County Map Book
  17. Tools and Electrical Supplies
  18. 24 Hour Pack and/or
  19. 48 Hour Pack and/or
  20. 72 Hour Pack

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